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HIP Up date

Posted by: andrewlund

After the recent set-back to its implementation of HIPs the Government has published revised Regulations that seek to address the two main areas of concern that resulted in their postponement. Firstly, the shortage of Home Inspectors (HIs) and, secondly, the shelf-life of Environmental Performance Certificates (EPCs). The main points are as follows:-
Three phase implementation of HIPs starting with properties with 4 or more bedrooms on 01.08.07 to be rolled out to 3 beds and then the remainder once there are sufficient HIs.
Properties on the market before 01.08.07 do not need a HIP but an end date for this exemption will be set in due course.
The EPC can be up to 12 months old when included in a HIP.
Properties marketed before 01.01.08 need not have an EPC in place on the first day of marketing.
Properties marketed on or after 01.01.08 can have the EPC left out of the HIP if it has been requested not less than 14 days before the property is marketed. The EPC has to be added to the HIP once received.
Interestingly, there is as yet no definition of a “bedroom” and this is eagerly awaited!
And finally, the Government “will carry out an assessment of how well HIPs are working by the end of the year…..” which may yet give a new administration under Gordon Brown the opportunity to bury them once and for all!
Andrew Lund
Andrew Lund

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