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How about a ‘West Midlands’ Powerhouse?

Posted by: michaelcooper

We hear almost daily about the so-called ‘Northern’ Powerhouse but should we also be talking up the poor old West Midlands? …..And Wolverhampton? We have the prospect of Goodyear joining the roll-call of demise that includes Sunbeam, Thompsons and GKN Sankeys. Tesco apparently, also now feel a substantial investment cannot be justified and have pulled out. And this all impacts on the ‘Housing Market’ on our doorstep. So, if we hope for some uplift in activity anytime soon, maybe we should encourage overspill from our neighbours in Birmingham who can now boast a shiny new station and maybe the new HSBC headquarters. Jaguar Land Rover is a beacon in the gloom. But how many more JLRs can we attract?

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