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The Darling Buds of May

Posted by: andrewlund

Spring is in the air at last! Sellers are confidently returning to the market, stock levels are rising and first time buyers are being wooed by none other than our Darling Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Stamp Duty “holiday” he announced in the Budget certainly grabbed the headlines and let’s face it as Estate Agents we have a vested interest in talking up the market. Darling we love you!

OK let’s be realistic. In truth the latest measure is a bit like resorting to that small bag of fertilizer you unexpectedly found Spring Cleaning the Potting Shed. In your heart of hearts you know it’s not enough to do a really good job but every little bit helps and the harshest winter for 30 years has left the garden in a sorry state.

What we really need for both the garden and the housing market is a decent barbecue summer….. and a World Cup victory (if you’re English). So what of the long range forecasts for these areas? You can forget the weather as the Met Office has given up after last year’s debacle and rumours of “Rooney’s knee” fill us with a sense of football foreboding. The housing market? Regrettably, the prevailing wind is still from the North. A continuing lack of mortgage availability brings the risk of frosty conditions and a threat to those tender Spring buds. Good Estate Agents like good gardeners will be keeping an eye on the weather this year.
Andrew Lund
Andrew Lund

Compliance Officer for Legal Practice

Andrew oversees the Firm’s Quality Systems and is committed to making sure that our client’s receive the very best customer care and attention along with the best marketing and legal advice in the area.

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