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18 | 01 | 10

Grabbing the Headlines

Newspaper headlines have recently been trumpeting hikes in house prices. Normally this follows from the publication of a… Read More

01 | 12 | 09

Rock the Casbah

If you think that the road to recovery in the UK property market is somewhat rocky then spare a thought for Dubai. With prices… Read More

17 | 11 | 09

Lost in the supermarket

We were surprised to receive a call the other day from a pleasant enough chap who wanted to know if we would like to advertise… Read More

22 | 10 | 09

Working for the Clampdown

The FSA Discussion Paper “Mortgage Market Review” has already attracted quite a lot of press comment….. Read More

25 | 09 | 09

It's London that's turning

Most of the media in this country is London centric. So when the property market in London shows signs of improving then the… Read More

07 | 09 | 09

Darling can we afford £1750 on another holiday?

In September last year Chancellor Alistair Darling introduced a Stamp Duty “holiday” to try to breathe some life… Read More

25 | 08 | 09

Should I stay or should I go?

A lot of people are agonising about whether or not they should bring their property to the market. Read More

27 | 07 | 09

Political Posturing

“A proposal within the Green Paper on Quality and Choice aims to ensure that everyone has the opportunity and greater… Read More

10 | 07 | 09

"It's loans!" moans Bovis

In November 2007 (Bovis Moans) we said that the house builders share performance suggested house prices were about to start… Read More

02 | 07 | 09

Told you so!

Avid readers will recall that in July 2007 we wrote that cheap credit had driven house prices up to the levels seen that year.… Read More

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