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07 | 11 | 08

Mervyn swerving?

This time last year we reported that the Governor of the Bank of England had said in a speech to the Northern Ireland Chamber of… Read More

13 | 10 | 08

Bubble Trouble

In July last year readers of this column may have wondered why we were writing then about CDOs and warning that cheap credit was… Read More

12 | 09 | 08

What a performance !

Whilst the rest of us were munching our Easter eggs earlier this year the government was hatching a cunning plan which is about… Read More

09 | 09 | 08

Hands across the ocean

21st August IPE real estate reported that the San Francisco City Retirement Fund had invested a substantial sum into the Apollo… Read More

01 | 08 | 08

Exactly what does it say on the tin?

Chris Ames (see London – Reuters 01.08.08) asset-backed securities portfolio manager at Schroders has come up with an… Read More

25 | 07 | 08

Up-date: It is reported in the Mortgage Finance Gazette...

Up-dateIt is reported in the Mortgage Finance Gazette that the Rothschild family have been working with Lazards on a project to… Read More

18 | 07 | 08
06 | 06 | 08

Overvaluation in a falling market

We have commented in the past about the damage that some estate agents do in deliberately overvaluing properties to get them on… Read More

30 | 05 | 08

Damn lies and statistics

Why isn’t there one definitive set of statistics to judge house prices by? Every month we get bombarded with figures from… Read More

14 | 05 | 08

Fear and Greed

Neither of the above is an attractive notion but both can result in irrational behaviour when it comes to Property. Read More

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