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30 | 04 | 08

None are so deaf as those who will not listen

When questioned by MPs the other week Mervyn King was asked about what the Bank of England could do to influence the activities… Read More

16 | 04 | 08

It's the Economy Stupid!

Bill Clinton beat Bush Senior to the White House in 1992 by concentrating on domestic policy. A recession in the US saw Bush… Read More

07 | 04 | 08

Rates rise as lenders seek more wriggle room

It used to be received wisdom that when the Bank of England cut interest rates then the Mortgage Lenders would follow. That is… Read More

17 | 03 | 08

Credit Crunch benefits Rental Sector

With the turmoil in credit markets showing no signs of easing Landlords are looking to benefit from the consequential drying up… Read More

10 | 03 | 08

Overvaluing and Under-Feeing

There is an increasing impression that more Estate Agents are engaging in a combination of Overvaluing and Under-Feeing. Telling… Read More

25 | 02 | 08

What Price Oatcakes?

Two rather contradictory reports over the course of the last few days. Read More

18 | 02 | 08

Sale and rent back rip-off claim

As a financial chill sets in you see more and more adverts offering cash for the homes of people in debt difficulties. Read More

01 | 02 | 08

Get your retaliation in first!

A lot is being said about interest rates at the moment. Some pundits are saying reductions in Bank Base Rate will have the… Read More

16 | 01 | 08

Overvaluation in a Falling Market

We’ve said before in these pages that agents who deliberately over value properties to get them on their books do no one… Read More

09 | 01 | 08

Don't Panic Captain Mainwaring!

We’ve said before that Sentiment is a crucial factor in determining the path of House Prices and we seem to have been… Read More

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