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18 | 09 | 07

Rocking the Boat

The problems that have beset Northern Rock may well prove to be atypical as far as the mortgage industry at large is concerned.… Read More

21 | 08 | 07

Crisis what crisis?

Last month we ran a piece about CDOs and speculated about the possibility of a credit crunch and the impact that one might have… Read More

14 | 08 | 07

Us and the US

The US perspective on the UK housing market is beginning to make interesting reading. As the Americans ruminate over the… Read More

01 | 08 | 07

The Future of HIPs

The future of HIPs is still rather uncertain despite the delayed launch today. As the only Wolverhampton based Solicitor &… Read More

26 | 07 | 07

Collateralised Debt Obligations

What on earth do these have to do with the Housing Market you may ask?At first sight not a lot. However, access to cheap credit… Read More

12 | 07 | 07

Rate rise sees a return to a buyers market

Right Move the leading Property Portal saw Estate Agents stocks of un sold property increase by 10% in June. Read More

04 | 07 | 07

Flat prices now trailing houses

So wrote the BBC Economics Editor Evan Davis when looking at the latest Land Registry figures. These suggest that flats in some… Read More

19 | 06 | 07

Buyers can afford to be choosy

According to the RICS home owners rushed to put their properties on the market before the aborted HIP deadline of 1st June.… Read More

13 | 06 | 07

The US Long Bond in Far East Trading

"The US Long Bond in Far East Trading" is a phrase that I used to puzzle over when waking up to the sound of Radio 4 in the… Read More

13 | 06 | 07

HIP Up date

After the recent set-back to its implementation of HIPs the Government has published revised Regulations that seek to address… Read More

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