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07 | 01 | 13

And all the clouds that low'r'd upon our house

Posted by: katalysis

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After the wettest year on record will 2013 see the clouds lift and the sun shine once again upon the housing market? The advent of the fabled “barbecue summer” would certainly lift the spirits but sadly no one should kid themselves that the housing market will soon be on fire! There are, however, whispers of a more clement wind which may see a lifting of the clouds. According to the Bank of England’s latest credit survey Lenders expect to have more money to lend in the mortgage markets as the FLS scheme and easier wholesale market conditions conspire to lift the gloom. This bodes well for increased availability at higher LTV’s. However, expect Lenders to be very picky when it comes to credit scoring. Only those with solid personal finances will likely reap the rewards. 
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