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12 | 09 | 12

Could a messy bedroom cost you £5,000 off your asking price?

Posted by: katalysis

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Well according to the results of recent research carried out on behalf of ING Direct over 40% of prospective buyers would be put off by a home having a messy kid's bedroom and most would use it as a reason to negotiate a lower price for the property.

Whilst the majority of these buyers would cut their offer by an average of five per cent – which based on the average sale price in Wolverhampton means a cut of around £5,000 - some buyers said they would push for even more.

Of course asking for a reduction isn't the same as getting it but the research does help to highlight the importance of always presenting your property at its best when showing it to prospective buyers.

Other cosmetic features highlighted by buyers as extremely off-putting include traces of pets – including animal hairs (30 per cent), smelly bathrooms (65 per cent) and grubby kitchens (59 per cent). An out of control lawn (19 per cent) is also seen as a big no-no.
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