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01 | 11 | 07

Estate Agents and Conveyancing

Posted by: katalysis

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Estate Agents are now actively pushing their own Conveyancing services to entice would be sellers. Often the fees quoted seem to be very attractive. That is until you start looking at the extras (favourite ones are charging extra for submitting the stamp duty return and dealing with mortgage instructions). They often stress that you don’t have to take time off work to go to a Solicitors office and SMS texting, e-mail and all sorts of electronic ways of finding out what is or is not happening will make everything seem better. The fact is that very few Estate Agents have an in-house Conveyancing service. Most refer this work to an external organisation in return for a fee. In effect you the client are being sold to someone else. You are a commodity. To help pay the fee the work is often done hundreds of miles away by people with no local knowledge. The next time you’re offered such a service why not ask where the Conveyancer is based and whether or not the Estate Agent is paid a fee in return for recommending them? Then ask yourself is that really in your best interests? Of course you could come to us. We are Estate Agents and Solicitors so we can offer a genuine one-stop solution all under one roof. You can even pop in and speak to a real person about what is after all probably one of the most important transactions of your life……the sale of your home.
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