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14 | 05 | 08

Fear and Greed

Posted by: katalysis

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Neither of the above is an attractive notion but both can result in irrational behaviour when it comes to Property. Those who see their home primarily as an investment are riding a roller coaster that can be both exhilarating and terrifying with the added spice of not knowing what is round the next corner. Getting on or off at the right time is the key to success or failure. Naturally, this scenario makes for attention grabbing headlines and a feeding frenzy amongst the media. As the roller coaster shoots skywards there are oohs and aahs of approval followed by shrieks of anguish as it plunges down the other side. The majority of people, however, are sensible enough to view their house primarily as a home with the possible bonus of some profit if they sell up and down – size at some stage. For these the main concerns are finding a property which is of good quality, in a good location and at a good price. Good old-fashioned common sense.
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