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25 | 05 | 07


Posted by: katalysis

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This week saw an amazing series of Ministerial Cartwheels as the government policy on Home Information Packs started to unravel. The catalyst for all this confusion was an RICS legal challenge coupled with the realisation that come the 1st June there would simply not be enough accredited Energy Assessors to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). In a political climate that now sees focus on the global climate EPCs are being trumpeted as the be all and end all of HIPs…..how times change! Some feel that if the government agenda had always been focused on this topic then a different and more practicable solution to the issue would have been found. As it stands HIPs are now scheduled to go off like a damp squib at the beginning of August with the watered down proposals initially focusing on properties with 4 or more bedrooms. We all await with baited breath the Statutory definition of a “bedroom”…assuming the Parliamentary Draftsman or Draftswoman can come up with one!
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