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16 | 04 | 08

It's the Economy Stupid!

Posted by: katalysis

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Bill Clinton beat Bush Senior to the White House in 1992 by concentrating on domestic policy. A recession in the US saw Bush side tracked by foreign policy. Sounds familiar? With harder times looming in the States and the UK politicians are fretting over the housing market. Middle England gets grumpy when house prices fall and that can cost seats at Westminster. The problem is that this time round it is Bankers who seem to be holding the reins. Failing to pass on interest rate cuts is unpopular and makes politicians look ineffectual. Expect politicians on both sides of the Pond to start pressing for much tighter bank regulation. This will be followed by protests from the Banking community and then a half-baked compromise which allows the powers that be to say they have made progress on behalf of Jo Public. The fact is that there is no quick fix and everyone in the housing market needs to appreciate that things have changed fundamentally. Forget the spin. If you are serious about selling you need to move with the market. Fundamentally you need an Agent who has experience of difficult market conditions and there aren’t many of them left!
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