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Jeans for Genes 2016

Posted by: Adam Whitehouse

Jeans for Genes

The 2016 Jeans for Genes fund raiser saw the Firm contribute the grand total of £163.30 to this worthy cause. The vast majority of colleagues embraced the spirit of the event by turning up for work wearing denim in various hues as you can see from the photos below.

Nick Wynn Williams said: "I understand that this year's result is a record for the Firm which is very pleasing. Thank you to everyone who supported this year's event. May I also suggest that next year those at Wolverhampton bring a pair of sunglasses in case Mr Whitehouse wears his yellow jeans again!"

(Taken from the Rees Page newsletter C/o A Lund)

Thank you Andrew - Yes that is yours truly. I felt it my duty to bring a smile to colleagues (and clients) faces and help brighten the day. Although as someone commented 'Wolverhampton ay quite the same as Vilamoura Marina!' Too true. Till next year.


(We like to do our bit for charity and good causes. Heads have been removed to protect the blushes of the innocent - but not literally!)

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