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08 | 09 | 16

Peaks and Troughs

Posted by: katalysis

So the holidays are drawing to a close, the schools are returning and the normal annual cycle of life continues for most. Many fears of Brexit annihilation increasingly seem unfounded with numerous positive economic surveys and indexes following, at least for now. So too the property market it seems is equally resilient and is still very much ‘booming’ in many areas with a continued shortage of available stock coming to market as people ‘wait and see’! But September is generally a busy period within the UK’s property market (the traditional peaks being Spring/Autumn and the troughs Summer/Winter).

So perhaps now is the time to call and secure that FREE market appraisal of your home that you have been talking about all year. Register on our property mailing list and get on, get out there and get moving – We will all soon be talking about Christmas no doubt!

Peaks and Troughs
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