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16 | 06 | 17


Posted by: katalysis

So the general election, Hmmm.  Its best we stay non-political but you can’t really ignore the elephant in the room and the shock hung-parliament we are left with will no doubt have some repercussions.  Not least we will once again face a new housing minister (so that’s what fifteen different incumbents over the past 19 years!? Talk about stability and continuity, not) …  no doubt probably a further housing white paper will be drawn up following a further consultation period?  You can see why many believe the 'housing minister merry-go-round' contributes to the lack of cohesive housing policy.

In other news; Inflation is up again.  Pressure mounts for interest rates to rise (normalise), sometime soon, especially with recent increases in the USA, but probably not just yet given last week’s election and Brexit uncertainties we need stability.  So for now lending is cheaper than ever, with a wide range of lenders cutting rates even further e.g. Tesco now offer a 5 year fixed at record low of 1.68%! WOW.  Cheap if you qualify. … for those that don’t though, here’s a thought;  Of the 32 seats the Tories lost to Labour and the Lib Dems,  20 had higher than average private rental populations, typically with 19% of the population being renters.  As home ownership remains unaffordable to many, the renter vote will only increase and one should consider the injustice created by our broken housing market and the hopelessness felt by many and especially young people priced out of the housing market altogether is a key reason.

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