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12 | 09 | 08

What a performance !

Posted by: katalysis

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Whilst the rest of us were munching our Easter eggs earlier this year the government was hatching a cunning plan which is about to come to fruition. It will mean yet more expense and red tape for thousands of people who are already finding it difficult enough to get their houses sold. We’ve spoken before about Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) which are an integral part of Home Information Packs (HIPs). However, there are currently thousands of houses on the market that were offered for sale before HIPs became compulsory. No HIP meant no EPC and a considerable saving of time and money. No longer! Where a contract for the sale of a house is entered into on or after the 1st October the seller will be under a legal obligation to provide the purchaser with an EPC in relation to their property. In practical terms sellers will need to have an EPC in place in time for exchange of contracts.
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