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20 | 08 | 16

Blue Water Ahead... (not Green!)

Posted by: Adam Whitehouse

While the recent cut in interest rates may lead to cheaper mortgages for some, and that mortgages become more affordable, it doesn’t mean that it will become easier for First-Time Buyers. More affordable mortgages will help those already in their own homes but the shortage of properties and unaffordable prices is putting home ownership beyond reach.

Part of the problem is that stock levels are at their lowest not just in West Midlands but also other parts of the country, and there is a lack of new properties coming onto the market to replace the ones sold.

Market conditions need to return toward ‘normality’, so all of you thinking of moving, need to prepare for the annual ‘Autumn Rush’ that comes in post-holiday September! Start by calling us NOW for your FREE market appraisal.

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