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Rees page Solicitors

Posted by: Adam Whitehouse

Welcome to Rees Page Solicitors

With roots going back well over 100 years Rees Page is a successful local Law Firm that not only has a rich heritage but also a reputation for forward thinking and providing clear and practical advice at a fair cost.

We aim to put our clients at the centre of everything we do and with a client base drawn from local private individuals, businesses and large Plc’s, our specialist lawyers have the skills and experience to deliver the right result for you.

Services for You

We can help you fight legal battles if you have to, but we can also help you avoid them; either by planning ahead or negotiating a deal that reduces the risks and pain of going through the courts.

By planning how to deal with your personal finances – where it helps to understand the situation and needs of your parents and children too – we can help you make the most of the money and assets that you and your family have worked hard to earn.

You can trust us to help you plan ahead in ways that you probably don’t know can be possible until we take some time out to talk about options that could help you in your particular circumstances.

Book an appointment now to let us get to know you better and explore the options.

Services for Business

If you are the owner or manager of a business, we work hard to get to know and understand you, your business and personal objectives, so we can tailor our legal advice and support to fit your budget, strategy and style of operation.

We support business at all stages of development, from helping new start-ups get up and running to the ongoing and strategic legal requirements of SME’s, local PLC’s and Public Bodies. We can help you quickly and with confidence, so that legal issues don’t get in the way of running and developing your business.

Our seasoned legal advice can help you benefit by being proactive to manage the legal aspects of your next steps in developing your business. To be able to pre-empt and shape the legal implications of your plans, we will spend time with you to understand your business.

Please contact us to set up a preliminary meeting, when we can find out how we can work best for you.

Find us now at reespage.co.uk

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