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07 | 09 | 09

Darling can we afford £1750 on another holiday?

Posted by: katalysis

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In September last year Chancellor Alistair Darling introduced a Stamp Duty “holiday” to try to breathe some life into the stricken housing market. The previous zero rate threshold was increased from £125k to £175k. The resultant saving of up to £1750 was a welcome relief for first time buyers faced with the need to find bigger deposits and tighter loan to value ratios. However, the Holiday is due to end on the 31st December unless the Chancellor relents and extends it in his pre-budget announcement due roundabout November. With the Treasury strapped for cash it would be unwise for buyers to bank on Darling delivering this time round. If you’re budget is up to £175k then you need to act quickly to be sure of securing this important saving.
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