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25 | 08 | 09

Should I stay or should I go?

Posted by: katalysis

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A lot of people are agonising about whether or not they should bring their property to the market. Mention of “green shoots” and a recovery in the wider economy has been building a false expectation that house prices will surge at some time in the near future. Why not sit tight and wait for the market to recover? It could be a long wait. A look at the housing derivatives market sees traders forecasting a second dip in prices in the next couple of years, a small bounce back thereafter and then stagnation for some years to come. RBS (not renowned for its ability to predict the future) is looking at a double digit fall next year whilst the RICS (not much better at forecasting than the met office) is talking about price rises towards the end of this year although they are rather coy about future trends. So if indecision is bugging you then now might be as good a time as any to test the water before everyone else starts taking the plunge!
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