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04 | 10 | 07

Toil and Trouble

Posted by: katalysis

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For some time International commentators have been speculating about the existence of a bubble in the UK Housing Market. The point being that when a bubble bursts, as it surely must, it can have un pleasant side effects. Remember the dot com debacle? Whilst buyers of houses have been less frenzied than their dot com predecessors, nonetheless, a mixture of cheap credit and optimism has underpinned activity. The credit bubble having burst it would seem as though there is not much cause for optimism that prices can continue to head towards the stratosphere. Indeed, a lot of properties currently listing came to the market at its peak. As a result some of the price tags are looking a tad optimistic in current conditions. All in all we seem to be heading for more troubled times. Sellers and agents will need to work harder to get properties sold.
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