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16 | 02 | 17

White Paper

Posted by: katalysis

The Government has finally unveiled its plans to fix the 'broken housing market' in a white paper spanning 104 pages…

Nothing particularly new then, professional comments included ‘a damp squib’, ‘good at producing soundbites, but not realistic solutions, ‘disappointing’, ‘little hope of fixing anything’, and so we could go on….. If we may quote the MD of the NAEA “Only 32,000 affordable homes were built in 2016, and this is totally unacceptable, especially given the number of homes we really need. We’ve had years of empty promises now and this has exacerbated the problem resulting in the price of properties being out of reach for so many. “The announcement the Government plans to diversify the market by opening it up to smaller builders who embrace innovative and efficient methods is great and could go some way in helping deliver a vast number of homes quickly. And in respect of the Downsizing incentive - “The Government’s plans to help older people move at the right time and in the right way to free up homes for other buyers is an important issue and something we believe would make a big difference. Around two fifths of homes in the UK are owned by those aged over 65, who have no desire to move as they do not want to sustain the costs or stress involved with moving. Known as bedroom blockers!

White Paper
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