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13 | 04 | 16

World's End

Posted by: katalysis

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Wow. So the 1st April has come and gone and the worlds not come to an end, at least not just yet. 

The panic of investors to avoid the additional SD costs certainly sparked the market. Reports out suggest that as many as a quarter of the completed sales in March went as landlord acquisitions. So given the 3% Stamp Duty surcharge for buy-to-let properties is now a permanent fixture then the dust should settle and hopefully market share will allow for FTBs to get a look in once more? – We shall see.

In other news the market seems contradictory; ‘Prime’ central London asking prices are apparently being cut by as much as up to 10% to try and stimulate interest. Yet on a more rosy note the Halifax report annual price growth of 10.1% (being seasonally adjusted!) and their outlook is ‘growth is set to remain robust.’

Interesting times.

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